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Scooter The Fero is an online shop dedicated entirely to the timeless Lambretta; both for its classic enthusiasts, and for those who want to add hp in more !!!

We specialize in processing, accessories and spare parts Lambretta, so we can find all parts for your scooter; hardware needed for the restoration and various special components including cylinders, exhaust and always a loto of news!

We offer professionalism, commitment and an advisory service to guide you step by step in the restoration of your Lammy!
We work together for the same passion: the legendary SCOOTER THE FERO (meaning->Scooter made by iron) Innocents!


Restoration, processing, inventiveness and customization can be enclosed in STFLAMBRETTA.COM



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S come Solerti…
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F come Fortissimi…

Grazie per i consigli che sapete sempre dare

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