Gear balance wheel

Gear balance wheel

Gear Rocker Lambretta

Gear balance wheel

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82.00 IVA inclusa

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The Stratos gear selector, entirely machined from solid by CNC machines, takes up the same original shapes, but with an extra cunning!

The anti-wear linkage works on a perforated bushing immersed in the specific Stratos grease (read number on the box) thanks to the stauffer grease nipple; in this way it is possible to always make the leverage system work with maximum precision!

The Lambretta gear rocker set includes:

  • the upper linkage,
  • joint base,
  • internal bushing,
  • fixing seeger,
  • 3 shim washers (to adjust axial play to zero),
  • gasket on the crankcase,
  • dilution stauffer grease gun,
  • Stratos grease for stauffer

Thanks to these components, perfect and precise shifting will always be ensured with perfect engagement of each gear.

Peculiarity: Stratos grease for stauffers has been specially designed to start pouring at a temperature of not less than 80 degrees, thus always ensuring perfect lubrication of our shifting system.

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