DL GP Stratos Ducati energia Road 12V Electronic Ignition

DL GP Stratos Ducati energia Road 12V Electronic Ignition

DL GP Stratos Ducati energia Road 12V Electronic Ignition


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Standard weight with variable advance for large cone drive shaft.

The DL GP Ducati Stratos electronic ignition can also be installed on the Lambretta LI LIS SX simply by mounting a coarse cone shaft with its roller bearing, improving the strength and sturdiness of your engine. No modification to the crankcase is required.

In this case, when ordering, specify whether for Lambretta LI S1 S2 or LI S3 / LIS / SX as it changes the coil / rectifier support.


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This is an Italian reliable product, as a result of DUCATI technology and Stratos experience. Many tests been carried out with the first prototypes produced by Stratos research center. After that they were directly tested and monitored in some trips such as: the jamboree in Belgium, Istanbul, Cape North.


  • • Stator Ducati Electronica
    • Rotor (flywheel)
    • Nylon fan BISULPHIDE-charged (does not attract dust)
    • Center Cone Venturi – 2 different weights (one included: Aluminum 2550 g, the second on request: Steel 2900 g)
    • HV coil Ducati Electronica
    • voltage regulator Ducati Electronica
    • wire protection rubber plug
    • Rubber cable outlet Protection
    • Red wire only for battery assembly
    • 1x template for commissioning phase
    • 1x nut + washer for flywheel
  • 1x key for shaft
    • Cable kit for wiring
    • black or gray sheaths for cables
    • rectangular and cylindrical faston for wiring
    • Mass Braid
    • bracket with screws to the frame for coil and regulator
    • 4x screws+conical washers cone Venturi fastenining
    • Rectangular Terminal
    • terminal rubber protection
    • 2x Ducati stickers
    • balancing and warranty certificate
    • Assembly instructions

Statos Ducati energia recommends the use of the following spark plug:
• DENSO W22ESR-U in case of original or tuned engines; in case of electronic devices, such as electronic speedometer or tachometer or other improvements.
• DENSO W27ESR-V for extreme and sports riding.

Video –> installation instructions

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